July 2018  
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Kids Helpers International

Kids Helpers International is ALL about children. 

We affirm that every child - regardless of their gender, age, religion, tribe, family or society situation or their special physical, mental or emotional needs - has the right to a good quality education, enough food to eat, a safe place to sleep and clothes to wear.

We also believe that the only way to tackle the destructive problems facing "tomorrow's leaders" (i.e. our children) is through education, provided by partners involving local communities, educators, churches, parents and other international organisations. Our strategy is to align KHI with local and international organisations and ministries and orphanages who are willing to help us at KHI do the work required in our local communities.

Our desire, goal and vision is to change...

  •  the future of children at risk
  •  the lives of children in our homes
  •  the situation of children without help
  •  society’s treatment of children at risk
  •  the world by shaping today’s orphans into tomorrow's leaders.

Many things are responsible for the millions of Africa children who have not being to school or do not return to school, but here are some of the common reasons: no parents, parents with no work, school fees, cost of books, uniforms, food and transportation. In fact UNICEF statistics show that about 10 million Nigerian children of school age are out of school - around 6 million girls and nearly 4 million boys.  Also, often in Africa children must work to help support their families and have no time for education - so getting children back to school is  the critical first step towards ensuring that they receive a good education.

We invite you to join us and partner with us - in prayer, financially and in practical ways - so that together we can give significance to these children by investing in their lives. Remember, it only takes one person full of the love of Jesus to make a difference in the life of someone else!

What is KHI doing already?

It takes more than government funding to produce a godly leader!

Phase 1 of KHI's vision is already underway and we...

  • provide food, clothes and help with transport costs
  • provide money to pay for books and school materials
  • help to pay school fees for orphans and underprivileged children in our communities in Ibadan and Lagos.

We are also partnering with local orphanages by helping to sponsor some of the children's education, clothing, food and to help in any other practical way that we can.

Dominion Campus - a vision for the future

'Dominion Campus' represents phase 2 of our vision - and it's still just that, a vision, but we are certain that it is part of God's plan!

Our goal is to build a nursery and primary school established primarily for orphans, the needy or at risk and underprivileged children, and funded by local, regional and international donors as well as the fees of other children (who's parents can afford it) who attend.

Get involved!

If you feel led by God to get involved - whether by prayer or fundraising in your church, or by actually coming to help build our school - please get in touch today!